Restart Southern AZ Scouting Programs

As a nation, a state, a community, a council, and I am sure as a family this Covid pandemic has challenged us to find a way to continue our activities and to stay safe.

The National Council has published an excellent Scouting restart checklist that you need to use as you restart your Scouting program. Restart Scouting Checklist

Here are a couple of key rules that we are applying here in Catalina Council. After discussing and receiving permission from your local chartered organization to resume meetings, review and work through the Restart Scouting Checklist.

As of July 31st, here is how Catalina Council is applying the varying Covid guidance:

  • Plan all activities in maximum groups of ten (a cohort)
  • Practice social distancing
  • Outdoor activities can have up to five cohorts or no more than fifty people in total. Activities at these larger gatherings should always been done in cohorts. Minimize mixing to limit exposure to just a cohort.
  • As appropriate. All participants should have face coverings
  • A list of participants should be kept in case the cohort needs to be informed of a Covid positive case
  • Utilize Incident Reporting Resources to report Covid-19 exposures.