2020 Catalina Council Camporee: COVIDOREE

Eureka!! We struck gold!!

The Catalina Council Camporee struck gold in the form of sponsors who have agreed to cover the costs of the November 7 virtual camporee. This means greatly reduced fees, extended deadlines, and an activity-packed schedule.

Fees have been dropped to $5 per participant and the registration deadline has been extended to Thursday, Nov 5.

ALL SCOUTS, Cubs through Scouts, BSA can take advantage of this fee, and can participate either as an individual, a den, or a patrol.

What if I have already paid the higher fee? Thank you for planning ahead. You will be reimbursed or refunded the amount owed.

What do I get for this ridiculously low fee? A once in a lifetime chance to participate in a virtual camporee with headliner age-targeted presentations from the Desert Museum for our Cub Scouts, puzzles, games, escape rooms, tests of scouting skills and knowledge, and useful outdoor program information. All activities and presentations are designed to promote scouting and advancement in scouting. And did we mention a timeless souvenir camporee patch?

A detailed program is linked below.

Be sure to register below. You won’t want to miss it. Fun stuff like this doesn’t come along often during a pandemic lockdown.

We look forward to “seeing” you at the Camporee!

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please contact the Camporee Chair, Roger Dahlgran dahlgran@u.arizona.edu

2020 Camporee Program Document



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