Activities & Special Events

Troop Meeting Activities

During troop meetings, Scouts engage in Scout Skill Challenges, Team Building Opportunities, and Patrol and Troopwide Games. LEARN MORE html icon.


Program Features Activities

There are 48 themed program features in the following categories: Outdoor html iconSports html iconHealth and Safety html iconCitizenship and Personal Development html iconSTEM html icon, and Arts and Hobbies html icon, each with their own set of corresponding activities. LEARN MORE html icon.


Other Troop Outings

For other fun troop activities, consult your district and council websites and the Senior Patrol Leader Handbook html icon. Some of these activities may include the following:
  • Day Hikes – reasonably short hikes (3 to 10 miles) in terrain without a lot of elevation gain or loss.
  • Service Projects – projects that may be related to conservation, food collection, building shelter, or healthy living activities.
  • Patrol Activities – A Scout patrol may hike or camp with other patrols in the unit or, with the permission of their Scoutmaster and parents or guardians, may hike or camp on their own with appropriate 2-deep adult leadership.
  • Weekend overnights – Troops that plan and carry out outings once a month attract and retain Scouts at a much higher level than those that have fewer outings during the year.


District Camporees

Many Scouting districts offer one or more annual “camporees” open to all Scouts BSA troops in the district. They often include competitions intended for patrols or perhaps entire troops. Consult your local district website for upcoming camporees. Also, consider consulting the websites of nearby districts to see what they may be offering.


Council Activities

Many Scouting councils offer one or more activities open to all Scouts BSA troops in the council. They may be a council wide event similar to a camporee, or a service project, or a special event that doesn’t occur every year. Consult your local district website for upcoming camporees. Also, consider consulting websites of nearby councils to see what they may offer.


Scouts BSA Camps

Scouts BSA Summer Camps provide a variety of activities related to the advancement program, as well as a wide range of special outdoor opportunities and inter-troop fun. Follow the above link for information about some selected summer camps. Consult the websites of your local council and adjacent councils for information about your local summer camps and other nearby summer camps your troop might want to try. Read about some “cool camps” at html icon.