Cub Scout Camps

What: Catalina Council 2020 COVID-19 Cub Camp In-A-Box
Who: Open to all Lions, Tigers, Bears, Wolfs, Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts
Where: Virtual Event (self paced)
When: Monday Sept 28 at 3pm
Cost: $35 (Camp t-shirt, patch, and basic program supplies)
Cub Camp in a box flyer
List of Activities for Cub Camp in a box

Registration is Closed

For more information, please contact Jim Herriman at

Cub Scout Camps are a valuable activity for many reasons:

  • Helps packs succeed.
  • Strengthens den/pack organization for better year-round operation.
  • Provides continuation of the Cub Scout program during the summer and the opportunity for units to earn the National Summertime Pack Award and to work toward qualifying for the National Quality Unit Award.
  • Offers character development, citizenship training and personal fitness.
  • Meets individual scout’s needs and interests by offering a meaningful and educational Scouting program.
  • Helps recruit new scouts in the den and pack during the summer.
  • Provides a method of recruiting, training and inspiring present and future Cub Scout leadership.
  • Promotes fun and adventure with a purpose? The reasons why Cub Scouts join and stay in the program.