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Eagle Scout Process for an Extension- Aug 20

Advancement is the process by which youth members of the Boy Scouts of America progress from rank to rank in the Scouting program. Advancement is simply a means to an end, not an end in itself. Everything done to advance and earn these ranks, from joining until leaving the program, should be designed to help the young person have an exciting and meaningful experience.  National Advancement Info

Cub Advancement

Den leaders, Cubmasters, and their assistants conduct meetings implementing the three steps in Cub Scout advancement: preparation, qualification, and recognition. Four separate den leader guides—one each for the Tiger, Wolf, and Bear programs, and one combined for Webelos and Arrow of Light—explain the mechanics for doing so while helping to maximize advancement. Den meetings—ideally three per month, one of which may include an outing—follow a traditional school year and are designed to result in advancement for all youth. Elective adventures provide flexibility for dens that meet more often and facilitate summertime den activities or adjustments for different school schedules. Den leaders complete most advancement activities, called adventures, in the den setting. To achieve a full experience and the greatest impact, some adventures are designed to be completed in the home or family setting. Packs should meet monthly to assure timely recognition of the Cub Scouts’ accomplishments. Read More


Venturing is for young men and women who are 14 through 20 years old, or who are 13 and have completed the eighth grade. It offers young people adventure with a purpose that serves to build character, promote citizenship, enhance leadership, and develop mental and physical fitness. The experience helps participants mature into responsible, caring, and dependable leaders for tomorrow. Each Venturing crew is responsible for achieving these aims by designing a program that appeals to its members. Thus, Venturing is a catalyst: It brings together adults and young people, and incredible things happen. It is all about asking themselves and one another what is possible, and then setting out to plan and execute toward fulfillment.  Read More

Sea Scout

Sea Scouts has its own distinct language, customs, and advancement track. It combines traditions of the past with technology of the future, and whether one looks to the sea as a career or lifelong hobby, it is worth exploring. Sea Scout units, called “ships,” use a variety of paddle craft, power boats, and sailing vessels, and promote service to others and advancement that rewards individual pursuits of excellence. Each level marks progressive growth as a seaman and leader, culminating in the prestigious Quartermaster rank. Read More

Merit Badge Counselor

People serving as merit badge counselors must maintain registration with the Boy Scouts of America as merit badge counselors and be approved by their local council advancement committee for each of their badges. This includes those working at summer camp or in any other group instruction setting, or providing web-based opportunities

Here is a LINK to the Merit Badge Registration this is a fillable PDF that can be filled out, electronically signed then emailed to

Merit Badge Counselor Training is available at: My.Scouting .  All Merit Badge Counselors are requested to go through this training and then take a quiz to maintain their qualification.

All Merit Badge Counselors MUST have current BSA Youth Protection Training.


  • Please check that your training is current by logging on to My.Scouting
  • The training is only 30 minutes and is available at the same site: My.Scouting
  • You can also check by contacting the Council Registrar: Audrone Tarleton, 520-750-0385, or email  Audrone.

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Eagle Scout Process for an Extension- Aug 20

Since 1912, the Eagle Scout rank has represented a milestone of accomplishment—perhaps without equal—that is recognized across the country and even the world. Those who have earned the Eagle Scout rank count it among their most treasured achievements. “Eagle Scout” is not just an award; it is a state of being. Those who earned it as youth continue to earn it every day as adults. That is why an Eagle Scout IS an Eagle Scout—not was. Learn More

Eagle Rank Information

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Project Workbook

For any questions about Eagle Projects, boards of review, etc., please check our your respective District Advancement Page for more information.

Cochise District

Sky Islands District

Addresses for Eagle Scouts to write to for: Congratulatory Letters.

To schedule an Eagle Board of Review, contact the Council Registrar ~ Audrone Tarleton, 520-750-0385 ext 11, E-Mail