In-Person Unit Activities

Unit Activities & Meetings

With Southern Arizona now with a high transmission rate, the Catalina Council would like to emphasize precautions to take during both Scouting activities and meetings.

Units should continue to seek the guidance and follow the procedures as established by their chartered organizations and understand the comfort level of their youth and parents in participating in in-person meetings. The Council encourages Units to 

Council & District Activities & Meetings

Major group activities and meetings in person are still restricted. Council and District planning meetings must continue via Zoom. Links to meetings can be found on the Council’s Calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATED 1/22/2021 – The most recent updates are indicated by a diamond in front of the question.

♦ Q: Should we hold in-person Scouting meetings, outings, or activities?

Individuals and units should look to their council regarding whether/how to conduct in-person meetings and activities. If in-person gatherings are permitted, be sure to follow all applicable guidelines and use your council’s version of the Pre-Event Medical Screening Checklist before attending.  

We ask that everyone in Scouting follow the basic guidelines listed below, which are based on the CDC’s guidance for the general public. In addition, we’ve instructed local councils to consult with their local and state health departments, as well as local chartered partners, in order to implement appropriate protocols to help keep members, volunteers, and employees safe in their respective communities.

  • Isolate if you are sick, and do not attend any activity/meeting/event if you or anyone you live with feels unwell.
  • Stay at least 6 feet apart from people who don’t live with you. (properly executed Scouting cohorts at council camps may be an exception).
  • Avoid crowds.
  • Avoid poorly ventilated indoor spaces. Meet outside if you can.
  • Wear a face covering or mask that covers your nose and mouth to help protect yourself and others.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. Use hand sanitizer if soap and water aren’t available.
  • Avoid international travel.
  • Do NOT attend any activity/meeting/event if you or anyone you live with has been tested for Covid or another illness and have not yet received the test results.

Please review the Restart Scouting Checklist for additional information. 

Q: What do we do about Scouts’ fundraising activities? 

Fundraising activities may be held if those activities are conducted within guidelines outlined by your state and local health department and other local officials and under the direction of your local BSA council and chartered organization. This applies to youth and adults. If fundraising activities can be facilitated using digital methods while still adhering to applicable rules, then those activities may also continue.

Q: What is BSA’s policy on social distancing in a tenting environment when camping?

Camping should only take place in accordance with guidelines outlined by your state and local health department and other local officials, as well as under the direction of your local BSA council and chartered organization. There is no formal national policy on social distancing in tents, just as there is no prohibition on tenting alone if logistics can accommodate that request. As always, all BSA youth protection policies must be followed.

Q: What are the youth protection guidelines if I am using a commercial video conferencing platform that allows for breakout rooms?

All breakout rooms for youth must have at least one registered adult and either another registered adult or a parent/legal guardian of a participating Scout.

Q: What are the refund policies if I have already paid for an event that has been cancelled?

Event organizers typically set refund or cancellation policies. Please reach out directly to those organizers. In the case of attendance at a national high adventure base, contact them directly about your crew.

♦ Q.  Will the National Council require a COVID-19 vaccine for participants at in-person activities or at camp in 2021?

There are no current plans by the BSA to nationally require a COVID-19 vaccine in 2021 for in-person activities or camp due mainly to the limited availability of the vaccine in many areas and the fact that currently available vaccines are not approved for use by individuals younger than 16. We recommend that each individual consults their health care provider for guidance regarding vaccination.  

♦ Q: There was an extension for Part C, pre-placement exam of the Annual Health and Medical Record at my camp the summer of 2020, is that still in effect?   

No. If your programs or activities require a valid Part C, it must be in place. As a reminder, if you are at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19, please ensure you have approval from your health care provider prior to attending camp.

We also encourage anyone whose medical condition or history has changed significantly since their last physical exam to get approval from their health care provider prior to attending camp.

♦ Q: If my camp is cancelled, can my unit get together with other units and have our own camp?

No. Chartering organizations play an important role in the program and activities for their chartered units. Chartering organizations promote well-planned unit program for the units they charter and encourage their units to have active outdoor unit programs. Chartering organizations are not authorized to plan, promote, or deliver programs for units outside of their charter.

It is the role of councils to plan long-term or resident camps and the role of councils or districts to plan camporees (short-term camps) and other outings following National Camp Accreditation Program standards.   

Units with different chartered organizations that wish to hold activities together must have council approval. In addition, some states require such activities to be licensed.

Should your troop, crew or ship decide to conduct a long-term camping program for your unit (Cub Scouting units are prohibited from this activity) please note that the Scouter Code of Conduct and relevant program safety and training requirements are still in place, e.g., Safe Swim Defense, Hazardous Weather, Wilderness First Aid, etc.

Q: My Wilderness First Aid Course has been cancelled; can I still go on my trek? 

Current Wilderness First Aid (WFA) certification will continue to be required for backcountry adventures including trek programs and high adventure base participation. As a reminder, a current CPR/AED certification is a prerequisite for a WFA course.   

Through March 2021, please review options for NCAP accredited local council camps and National High Adventure Bases via a blended offering by ECSI: 

Note: Online-only WFA courses do not meet the WFA requirement.