First Female Eagle Scouts in Southern AZ!

The Boy Scouts of America, Catalina Council is proud to announce that the first two female Eagle Scouts in Southern AZ passed their boards of review on Friday, February 12, 2021! Learn more about these ladies and their journeys to Eagle Scouts!

Annamaria P.

Hailing from Troop 007G in the northwest of Tucson, Annamaria has loved her experience in Scouts BSA! Earning the rank of Eagle has meant a lot to her. Her Eagle Project benefitted the Arizona Trail Association.

Karen B.

From Troop 007G in Tucson, Karen has enjoyed her time in Scouting, and is looking forward to hiking and camping even more. Her project benefitted Tucson Village Farm.

A Board of Review for the Ages

The Sky Islands District Advacement team, along with members of Troop 007 leadership and family members, were all on the Zoom call to congratulate these ladies for their fine achivement!

Annamaria's Eagle Scout Service Project

Annamaria constructed a shade ramada for uses of the Arizona Trail. The ramada is 10ft by 10ft and is located off of Sahurita Rd. The ramada will be used by hikers and bikers to rest and relax!

Karen's Eagle Scout Service Project

Karen constructed two A-frame shelves and seven chalkboard signs for Tucson Village Farm. The farm will use these for their agricultural education programs!