Community Service Month

April 2021 in Southern AZ

Volunteer in your local community, ALL month long!

Join the Catalina Council in helping to Do a Good Turn Daily for our local communities during April.


To have every Scout & Scouter demonstrate the Scout slogan “Do a Good Turn Daily”

  • To showcase to Southern AZ that Scouting is alive and well, and is committed to serving the community!
  • To get Scouts outdoors to clean and improve our local environment and to get Scouts involved in both Earth Day and Arbor Day during the month of April.
  • To reconnect our Scouts and their families and friends in safe, supportive, good ‘ol fashioned volunteerism.


Anytime during the month of April 2021.

  • Volunteers can work as individuals, in small groups (dens or patrols), or as larger groups (post, crew, troop or pack). All COVID-19 precautions must be followed.


Anywhere in your local community.

  • Volunteers can help their local schools, places of worship, local businesses & non-profits, and even us (the BSA)!


All volunteers who do a service project will receive a Community Good Turn patch, any patrols or dens who participate will receive a Good Turn ribbon and all participating units will receive a Good Turn unit banner.

Questions or Concerns? Need Some Ideas?