The Trainer’s EDGE


Do you train Leaders? Parents? Scouts?  Are you someone who has thought about training but you don’t know where to begin? Or maybe you have years of experience in training but want to add some pizzazz to it?

The Trainer’s EDGE is for anyone interested in different training methods.  It will equip you with ideas, techniques, and materials for improving presentations by enabling you to select approaches that will communicate your messages most successfully, and with PIZZAZZ!!

The Trainer’s EDGE emphasizes the importance of “experiential learning,” or learning by doing, as well as numerous other contemporary training strategies.  These strategies can then be applied to a wide range of training programs.


What does EDGE mean?

Explain how it is done – Tell them

Demonstrate the steps – Show them

Guide learners as they practice – Watch them do it

Enable them to succeed on their own – Use memory aids, practice it, they teach it


 Who Should Come?

This course is REQUIRED for those Scouters that will be serving on staff for Wood Badge and NYLT. However, it is highly recommended for any Scout leader or youth leader who wants to improve his/her instructional skills.