Leave No Trace Trainer Training

SAVE the DATE- October  9-10, 2021 at Double V

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Leave No Trace Trainer Course

This 16-hour, overnight course trains adults and youth ages 14 and up to serve as Leave No Trace Trainers.

It is recommended training for the Outdoor Ethics Guide troop junior leadership position.

It is also highly recommended for camp staff, members of the council and district outdoor program and training teams.

The youth leaders of a busy outdoor adventure program must be able to apply Leave No Trace to a variety of activities in differing environments during all seasons of the year, all done in the company of Scouting youth and adults with varying levels of outdoor skills, self discipline and commitment to an outdoor ethic.

Additionally, the course will provide participants with a deeper understanding of Leave No Trace to help individuals make and guide others in making good choices to minimize recreational impacts to help protect the wonderful outdoor locations they choose to enjoy.

Individuals planning trips to National High Adventure Bases, Camp Staff members, Unit Leaders and those in District or Council training positions are urged to attend this course.