Getting Started

Here’s how to get started with unit recharter:       

  1. Pick up your re-charter packets from your Unit Commissioner.  If they don’t have it, go to your District Commissioner.          
  2. Select an adult to be the renewal processor for Internet Rechartering.
  3. Log on the the Internet Re-charter website here.
  4. Select First-Time User and enter the unit access code.
  5. Select the unit type and enter the unit number. Remember that your units begins with a 0. For example, if your unit is Troop 111 then your unit number for the re-charter system is  0111.
  6. Create a password as instructed.
  7. Complete the information requested on each screen. You can stop at any time, log off the system, and begin again where you left off by reentering your access code and password.

If you are ready to start, click here to login or register for Internet Rechartering.

Here's How to Finish

Here’s how to wrap it up: When you’ve completed all the information to recharter the unit, click the Submit button.

  1. Only Print the unit Charter Renewal Report Package if you need to. This includes the charter renewal application and lists of new members, transfers, multiples, and no-fee adults. Acquire the appropriate signatures on the application, then take the entire packet along with new applications and fee payments to your Unit Commissioner.
  2. Try to submit your Charter Renewal Packet online. This will save time and energy for all those involved in the process.

What's New in 2021

Here’s what is new in 2021:

  1. Get your Unit Commissioner involved in processing your Charter.  They are a GREAT resource to use.
  2. One time joining fee for new scouts – $25 (never been registered)
  3. NEW FEES$78 for youth and $54 for adults.
  4. Annual Charter Fee is $75
  5. Charters can be done online, including paying online.
  6. During this time you may change your leaders positions or delete as needed.
  7. To add a youth or an adult, you need an application, and must turn it in immediately.
  8. Make sure ALL LEADERS are Youth Protection Trained.
  9. Clicking on the submit button is last.  You cannot submit if there are highlighted areas that are not completed properly.
  10. After clicking submit, then your Chartered Organization Representative or Institutional Head  will electronically verify, and will then click submit again.

2021 Fee Increases

To ensure we have the resources to fulfill the promise of Scouting despite increasing operating costs, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America has made the difficult but necessary decision to increase the annual membership fee effective January 1, 2021 to:

  • $66 (membership fee) + $12 (program Fee) for a total of $78 for each youth member in Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Venturing and Sea Scouts.
  • $36 (membership fee) + $3 (insurance fee)  for a total of $38 for youth members in Exploring.
  • $42 (membership fee) +$12 (program fee) for a total of $54 for adult members.

2021 Registration and Subscription Fees

Important Forms

Scholarship Information

Thank you to our amazing donors that have helped the Catalina Council provide this resource. More details to come.

Questions or Concerns with Recharter?

Please contact your Unit Commissioner, District Commissioner, or District Executive with any questions.

Otherwise, please feel free to contact the Catalina Council at