National Eagle Scout Association

The Boy Scouts of America, Catalina Council is currently revamping and restructuring its local chapter of the National Eagle Scout Association (NESA). Read below for more information and updates.

          Greetings fellow National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) members. I am reaching out to request your support in Scouting and fellowship as a NESA member.

First I want to introduce myself; my name is Robert (Bob) Sommerfeld and I was recently asked to join the Catalina Council Executive Board. As a board member I asked to chair the NESA Council position due to the vacancy and my desire to continue to support NESA. I am a native Tucsonan who achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in 1977 from Troop 102. I have been involved with scouting throughout most of my life. As a Cub Scout, a Webelo, a Boy Scout, a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, an Explorer and adult volunteer. I look back at my time and experiences in Scouting and know they account for many of my successes today.

In my professional life I come across youth daily and see how times have changed and some of the difficulties today’s youth are faced with. Many of the difficulties they face could be avoided if the youth was a member of Scouting and subscribed to the Scout Oath and Law and had the support of individuals such as us. Hence one of the reasons I am reaching out to you. Scouting can really use your help, more today than ever. This can be through financial support and/or service support. As someone who works full-time and manages to have somewhat of a life outside work, I understand that providing support through service requires time and financial support for discretionary expenditures is finite. As a NESA member you have shown your on-going support for Scouting and I ask that you continue to provide this support in helping our local area youth and the needs of the Catalina Council.

The other reason I am reaching out to you is for fellowship. Becoming an Eagle Scout was an investment in you and your future. Your membership in NESA shows you value this investment and fellowship with our Eagle Scouts who are NESA members. I want to support the ability for Catalina Council NESA members to continue this fellowship and networking opportunity. As Scouts we helped each other as we progressed in rank advancement and events and we can continue to do so today as NESA members.

We are living in some strange and different times now with the COVID-19 Global Pandemic. Before the pandemic I would be asking for your input on a location for a group meeting. Now it is pretty much decided for us that meetings are virtual and social distancing with the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is the current “norm”. If you are interested in providing the support for Scouting and/or fellowship I mentioned I want to hear from you. If not, I respect your decision and will not continue to contact you. I would like to look at a virtual group meeting (or meetings) with those of you who would like to participate, but I need to know your interest. If you would please respond back to me via email (or letter if you do not have email access) with the sign up form I would appreciate it.

Thank you for your membership in NESA and your anticipated support.

Yours in Scouting,
Robert J. Sommerfeld