Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA)

The Venturing Officers’ Association (VOA) is the Council’s umbrella organization for Venturers in Southern Arizona to get involved in their local community and to hold leadership positions. The VOA supports Venturing Crews throughout the region

If you are interested in joining the VOA, please contact us.

Upcoming Training Seminar

This is for any Venturing Crew members who are working on their rank advancements and need the required training sessions for their rank.

The following trainings will be offered:  

  • DISCOVERY RANK –  Introduction to Leadership Skills for Crews, and Goal Setting and Time Management Training 
  • PATHFINDER RANK – Venturing Project Management
  • SUMMIT RANK  –  Mentoring Training 

This is a free event, hosted by Crew 003.  Bring your own lunch, drinks, and snacks.  

Please share this information with your Crew and any other Venturing Crew youth members.