Shooting Sports

USA Archery Level 1 Instructor Certification

Date: TBD

LOCATION: First night: Catalina Council Office

Second Day – Double V Scout Ranch Archery Range


The Catalina Council Shooting Sports Committee is pleased to offer USA/NAA Archery Instructor Level 1 and BSA Archery Instructor/Range Master Instructor Certification Courses for adult and youth (over age 15). 

This is an instructor course, not a basic skills course. You should have some knowledge and experience in archery prior to taking this course.  However, this is also a good course to take to learn the essentials to improve your archery skills.  Certification is valid for three years, but may be renewed based on teaching experience and/or helping run two shooting events each year, without having to retake the class.  You’ll learn how to set up and operate a safe short-term archery range or archery program, how to teach new archers, how to maintain your equipment, and learn common shooting errors and correction which may also help your own skills.  You’ll also learn the BSA archery range rules and safety regulations, and the specific requirements and limitations imposed on archery events by BSA. When taking this course we are asking you to help with unit, district and council shooting events.  You must conduct at least one event each year to stay active as an Instructor. 

This is a full day course with a 50 question written exam and pre-shoot safety briefing that you must pass in order to obtain the certification. This course is open to any Scout that is 15 years and older. To be a BSA – RSO or Instructor the minimum age is 18 years old. The Level 1 Archery Instructor Certification Course, is an 8 hour course and provides the necessary tools to maintain a high level of safety both on and off the archery range and ensures that standards for archery instruction are consistently taught and provide for the safety and enjoyment of the participants, instructors and spectators. The Level 1 Instructor is responsible for range safety, range setup, working scouts in learning how to shoot, equipment and repair and are certified as an Archery Merit Badge Counselor.  


Merit Badges

Rifle Shooting

Unless a rifle is handled incorrectly or recklessly, it is not dangerous.

A rifle, like any other precision instrument, is manufactured to perform a specific task and can do so at no risk to the user or others.

By earning this badge, Scouts can develop their shooting skills while learning safe practices.


Shotgun Shooting

A shotgun is a precision instrument, designed to shoot a shot charge in a specific pattern to cover a designated area at a certain distance.

Unlike a rifle, the bore of the shotgun is not rifled, so the shot emerging from the muzzle is not spinning.