District Leadership

The Sky Islands District of Catalina Council is operated and maintained by many volunteers through the District Committee and District Commissioners.

District Committee

The District Committee is charged with maintaining and running the operations of the District.

Joyce Contrades

District Chair

Joel Stultz

District Commissioner

Kimberly Ward

District Vice Chair

Samuel Alboy

Fund Development Chair

Fran Kearney

Training Chair

Chrissy Harlan

Membership Growth Chair

Greg Reiter

Advancement Chair

Erin Russ

Camping Chair

Wes Elder

OA Chapter Adviser

Ben Garren

Activities & Service Chair

Chuck Moyer

Religious Emblem Coordinator

Don Ankley

Assistant District Commissioner

Dave Germain

Assistant District Commissioner

Kevin Kingsborough

Assistant District Commissioner

Joe Reilly

Assistant District Commissioner

Jeff Robbe

Assistant District Commissioner

Glenn Daw

Assistant District Commissioner

Jim Whipp

Assistant District Commissioner

Join our Team

Scouting runs on the power of Volunteers. Volunteers give Scouts an example of participating in community and helping others.

We are looking for Volunteers to join our District Committee. Below are the open positions within the District that need your support.

Fund Development

Community Fund Development Chair


IOLS Training Chair

BALOO Training Chair

Specialty Training Chair

Cub Scout Training Chair

Membership Growth

Scouts, BSA Growth Chair

Cub Scout New Unit Development Chair

Older Youth Program Unit Development Chair


Eagle Projects Chair

Eagle Board of Review Chair

District Awards Chair

Cub Advancement Day Chair


Scouts, BSA Promotion Chair

Cub Camp Promotion Chair

Camperships Chair

Activities and Civic Service

Civic Service Chair

Scouting Service Month Chair

Camporee Chair

Cub Day Camp Chair

Cub Scout Pinewood Chair

Ways to Volunteer

We encourage you to volunteer at any level within Scouting.  Many individuals are needed for the community of Scouting. Here are a few ideas we have. If you have any additional ideas, please feel free to attend a District Committee Meeting and share your ideas.

  • Help your Pack or Troop at their next meeting.
  • Attend a Roundtable and see what area interests you to volunteer.
  • Participate in the District Committee Meeting
  • Volunteer at Events
  • Watch the Facebook page for opportunities and requests for help.

Every volunteer brings a new skill to the table that grows the District. We invite you to share your skills.