Popcorn Sales

The Boy Scouts of America, Catalina Council (BSA) salutes you for over 35 years of working with Trail’s End to empower our Scouts and their leaders to raise the funds they need to go to camp, provide year round programming, and to enable any Scout to earn their own way through the Scouting program!

2023 Important Popcorn Dates

8/19 Popcorn sale kick-off

8/28 Show & Sale order due

9/15 Show & sale order sort

9/16 Show & sale order distribution

10/2 Mid-sale order due

10/19 Mid-sale sort

10/20 Mid-sale distribution

10/30 Final order due

10/30 Popcorn returns due

11/4 Popcorn return drop off

11/17 Final sort

11/18 Final distribution

12/1 All popcorn payments due

Popcorn Kickoff

2022 Storefronts

A reminder went out via email to unit popcorn kernels about reaching out to your reserved storefront locations as soon as possible.  Many locations were approved through corporate, but since every unit has different times and plans to sell, your unit will need to reach out to finalize details with managers. If you have a reservation at Sportsman’s Warehouse at do NOT contact the store directly.  Please reach out to dustin.shoemake@scouting.org for arrangement.

We’re also finding that a few units (that are not selling popcorn) have reached out to various stores to conduct their own fundraiser.  Be sure to contact the individual stores to make sure there is no conflict.